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  • The PeopleKeys® state-of-the-art, validated system is in use throughout an ever-increasing number of countries and has been translated into 14 (and counting) languages.
  • By assessing candidates and using industry-standard (or custom, business-specific) benchmarks, we can identify which individuals have the characteristics that make them a natural fit for success in a position.
  • The PeopleKeys® system makes it incredibly easy to sort and parse individuals into the positions, roles, environments or positions that will make them most comfortable and most productive.
  • When we assess top performers in your organization, we can collect all the data we need to apply to others and find other individuals who are likely to perform just as strong or stronger.
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About Us

PeopleKeys® has developed a state-of-the-art, online, delivery system that provides instant access to the world’s most trusted behavioral assessment tools from anywhere in the world.  Our customizable reports are available in multiple languages and can be used to unlock the potential in people, make informed hiring decisions, increase sales, reduce turnover and improve performance.

Our Impact

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Perfect Match Hiring Package ~ for Business
Perfect Match Hiring System by PeopleKeys

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